Child & Employee Tracking

Child & Employee Tracking

To meet marketing & sales objectives of an organization in increasingly competitive markets, an effective and efficient sales force is inevitable. The marketing & sales service executives comprising this team travel extensively and report to office only EOD timings. Some of the common problems encountered by organizations with regard to sales team working pattern are:

  • Misguiding the organization by reporting fake client visits and making fake report.
  • Misusing company’s valuable time by doing other activities during sales visit.

Such behavior results in huge opportunity loss to the company as well as increased burden of Travelling, accommodation and food allowances extended towards them.

Above issues can now be overcome by tracking the work routine of such workforce through our Online Tracking Solution. The features of the proposed solution are as below:

  • Online tracking from anywhere anytime.
  • Employee status reports like Distance travelled, Location visited, Start/Stop points, Location travelled history, Location travelled & spent time etc.
  • Monthly/weekly/daily customized report reporting above details as desired by client can be provided.

The following information not only keeps the sales and service force on toes but also gathers all the vital information which are used by the company to review the employee performance.